MAC PLLC provides personalized litigation and legal services at competitive rates to clients in Northern Virginia and DC.  

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Matthew A. Crist, PLLC

I am dedicated to providing personal and professional legal services to individuals and businesses in Virginia and the District of Columbia.  I have represented individuals and businesses in General District Courts and Circuit Courts throughout the state of Virginia.  

I offer services in personal injury and business law matters.  Personal injury litigation can be daunting for clients.  Car Crashes, medical malpractice, falls, and other injuries are often the first time a person experiences the adversarial system.  From the finely tuned demand letter through discovery and litigation, clients need a helping hand.  

I also assist businesses with contract review, drafting, and litigation.  A contract dispute can lead to protracted litigation and can be fraught with pitfalls.  

I offer a wide range of services to my clients, please feel free to call or to fill out the contact form below to learn more.  




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